“My son is loving the geography lessons, and the science projects at Discovery of Learning are so fun we repeat them at home! DOL also offers great enrichment classes that my son loves, can’t ask for more than that.”

“We love Discovery of Learning because we live in a very over crowded & under funded school district. We were looking for a reasonably priced non -religious alternative program that teaches in a way that all learning types can flourish in.”

“I am so happy we found DOL and Amy McCamly – she has been super supportive and knowledgeable on our new journey to homeschooling. This adventure in homeschooling was suppose to be a temporary fix but I wouldn’t change a thing – my son is happy, less worried, and actually getting up wanting to go to school! Love, love, love it!”

“It was October when I had to very suddenly take my son out of the wonderful private elementary school he was attending. His chronic migraines were making it impossible for him to keep up with his school and homework schedule. I was thrown into homeschooling without any time to research it. I stumbled upon Discovery of Learning Center who offered enrichment and core academics right near my house in Yorba Linda. When I started homeschooling my biggest concern was how was I going to have my son home everyday without him getting the socialization that he needed as well. DOL pretty much has fixed that problem! The minute we went to observe, my son didn’t want to leave and this is a pretty shy kid I’m talking about. The best thing for us is that if you miss going you don’t fall behind. We can come and go as needed without the worry and stress of missing more work and trying to catch up. The teachers are amazing with the kids and they do such fun projects that the kids are learning in a non-stressful environment, and more importantly, hands-on and at their own level.”

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