“Love the program! The families and children are really wonderful, and I look forward to growing the program & our community.”

“Our family is so grateful to have found a program that we can really feel good about, we’re not settling. We are involved with the program, the kids, the teachers and the families and feel confident that our daughter is getting the best educational option we could find. This program suits us wonderfully. We all love it.”

Congratulations on your success and continued success in Riverside and Miss Tracy in Davis. This is amazing proof that DOL’s philosophy has been a beneficial enrichment to home-educated children. I know MY kids love it there. With the small group settings, they are able to make deep connections with the kids that attend. I am able to quickly get to know the Parents, unlike in a larger “institutionalized” setting (drop off; pick up- who are the families of the children my children are learning with?). I also can SEE & HEAR the benefits from DOL with my kids. After I pick them up, they talk non-stop about their exciting, fun-filled day. They tell me and show me all they’ve learned. In my conversations with my kids, I hear new words being used and new concepts that I, personally, haven’t taught them. There is no way they picked that up from a TV show or iPad app, it’s so complex, I know they learned it at DOL. The best part is as Brother and Sister, two years apart, they can be together- still being best friends and “rocks” of support to each other- while they learn from Miss Andrea, Miss Sarah and Miss Tracy. Home schooling has allowed my kids to thrive and excel in education, DOL has been the inspiration and catalyst for me to understand the process.

Everyone at DOL is SO supportive of EVERY parent’s home educating wishes. I find that amazing because no two families' homeschool alike. No two families’ life style is alike. We finally feel like REAL people, receiving REAL education, receiving REAL love and care that my kids have success in what excites them! I couldn’t even get that from a private school that we paid almost $13,000/year! Can you imagine? DOL and Inspire are flexible in the materials offered to supplement my home education. I love the letters of communication, the measuring/monitoring methods to help me gauge where we are at- yet, it’s not mandatory but offered to help. Not to mention, every conversation on how, what, or what not to do with Amy (especially) and the other teachers, I have used as nuggets that I’ve placed in my pocket. After Amy told me about not forcing my kids to read (I suggested I do a book reading reward system), I have come to realize that the best approach to encourage reading is not to cram it down them. In time, when they are comfortable, words will be like a beautiful song, they will appear, flow and will be in their heads. I figured out that what I need to do is teach them phonics (a conversation with Miss Tracy), how to break down the words in syllables and so forth. I am now seeing how when I don’t ask them to read, they want to, on their own. Kids are funny like that.

I want to thank you all for making DOL in Yorba Linda comfortable for Brooke, Mikey and Me as they come from my home to yours. I want to thank you all for your communication and open ear for me to sound-off to when I’m feeling proud, unsure or want to share a new idea. Thank you for all your planning of all the events (that I never make) you invite us to. You give home schoolers many opportunities to get outside their box, have hands on –real world- education and options for families to give their kids enrichment. I am impressed with the field trip places you have chosen, they are really well researched and well thought of. I want to thank you for keeping us connected with home school “issues” and resources to help further the parent’s journey in the process!

Overall, DOL is right for us. I would hope more families discover your program as well. We wish you much success. We look forward to continuing our journey with all of you in the years to come.

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