Guided Programs

Discovery of Learning Guided Programs

Discovery of Learning's Guided programs are designed to offer the family traditional academic supports through personalization and bringing grade appropriate curriculum to life for the child in a nurturing classroom environment.

  • Classes address the whole child and adapt to multiple learning styles.
  • Children learn valuable problem solving and critical thinking skills when teachers and/or parents support the social and emotional development of each child.
  • Learning takes place through differentiated instruction and a variety of hands-on opportunities, giving students opportunities to approach a subject in a variety of ways.
  • Teachers provide the children with meaningful feedback, working collaboratively to make changes to their work and learn from it.
  • Teachers provide students with a weekly assignment plan that is adapted to various learning styles, involve the child's family and allow for alternative methods is completion.
  • Students are able to move around the room, interact with each other on the floor, and make decisions together.
  • Classes are grouped together in grade ranges, giving children an opportunity to learn and work to the best of their ability.
  • Students are provided with additional supports by the teacher, tutor, or alternative lessons as needed in the classroom setting.
  • Lunch and outdoor exploration time are considered an extension of the learning environment and are crucial to the child’s social, physical, and intellectual development.
  • Suggestions and recommendations via "Family Feedback" Sessions are vital to the growth of the Enrichment Center and children participate in this interactive process.

Our Programs and Environment

Guided Programs

In these Guided Core & Elective Programs (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science), our teachers work collaboratively with students to provide grade appropriate lessons through differentiated instruction. Teachers guide students through a variety of strategies to approach subjects and a multitude of opportunities for hands-on learning.
Discovery of Learning's Guided Core & Electives Programs consists of combination classes, typically 2 grade levels in one classroom, where children may have the opportunity to be leaders, learn from others, and collaborate with peers.
*Why "teacher" and not "facilitator"? At Discovery of Learning, a teacher is someone who works with children; together, the child and teacher create a learning environment that reaches children at a verity of developmental levels. Our teachers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects to keep the children engaged in the learning process. They bring a passion for education and a spirit of inspiration to our learning environment.

Community & Consistency

Discovery of Learning was born out of a love of children and passion for educating the whole child. With a degree in Early Childhood Education and a drive to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families, Amy McCamly created Discovery of Learning to provide a program with elements she found lacking in traditional public schools while building a community among homeschooling families. Discovery of Learning is unlike any other traditional or homeschool program in Orange County, with two key guiding principles: Community and Consistency.

At Discovery of Learning, children come to class 2-4 full days per week (based on location), giving them the opportunity to make friends and build relationships. We recognize that life is about working and collaborating with others. At DOL, children and families learn to share ideas, support one another, talk through their disagreements and problem-solve together, facilitated by teachers in a safe environment.

Discovery of Learning’s teachers provide a consistent method for handling disagreements. We believe discipline should teach a child to problem solve with loving teachers to guide the way. Stickers or food will not be used, but instead "real-life” problem solving skills are modeled for the children. The focus is to help children communicate with one another & express their feelings.

Our Learning Environment

At Discovery of Learning Enrichment Center, children can be found playing a board game while identifying math concepts. A student may discover a love for writing by publishing their own book or creating a script for a play. Unlike traditional classrooms, however, the children determine what they want to write about and all their lessons come from them.

In the learning environment, each child feels emotionally safe to explore, discover, and learn at his or her own pace and in his or her own way, with the support of a teacher who is trained in Compassionate Communication and Positive Parenting.

At Discovery of Learning, children and families are able to build their own community of friends and relationships during lunch and outdoor exploration time while they are eating and playing together. Children are given daily opportunities to problem solve and use conflict resolution skills between themselves, in a safe and nurturing environment.

Most importantly, learning is focused on experience and discovery; to instill a love of learning in each child!


Discovery of Learning‘s Guided Primary Core & Electives Program consists of combination classes where children are grouped together with children in at least 2 similar grade levels. The Guided Core & Electives Program focuses on Mathematics, Language Arts, History and Science. Children receive a minimum of 6 electives per year!

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