Core Programs and Electives

Primary Core & Electives Program

Discovery of Learning's Primary Core & Electives Program consists of combination classes where children are grouped together with children in at least 2 similar grade levels. The Core & Electives Program focuses on Mathematics, Language Arts, History and Science. Children receive a minimum of 6 electives per year! Electives vary by campus with some offering electives as part of the core day and others offering a separate elective day. Children learn through a variety of activities that:

  • Are grade appropriate
  • Are project-based with opportunities to be child-led
  • Use differentiated instruction with a hands-on approach
  • Incorporate the arts and music
  • Involve playing games and other cooperative opportunities
  • Use a variety of enriching materials
  • May take place indoors or outside
  • Consider the whole child, giving emotional health the same importance as academics
  • Collaborate with teachers and peers in a way that makes learning personalized and fun!

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Program Tuition

leaf bullets2017-2018 Core & Electives Program Tuition:


Monthly Tuition** (9:00am-2:30pm) optional 2-3 days per week, days listed reflect services offered for the upcoming program year. Please contact campus for current days of service.

  • Beaumont (240 Maple Ave., Suite A) - Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs
  • Costa Mesa (3186 Pullman St.) – Mon/Wed/Thurs
  • Davis (1620 Anderson Rd.) – Tues/Thurs
  • Indio (46100 Rubidoux St., Suite 10) – Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs
  • Palm Desert (4735 CA-74) - Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs
  • Riverside – (4937 Sierra Vista Ave.) – Mon/Tues/Thurs
  • Tustin – (225 W. Main St.) – Mon/Tues/Wed
  • Yorba Linda (19045 Yorba Linda Blvd.) – Tues/Thurs

Monthly tuition varies by location based on days of services offered, please see Registration page for details + non-refundable registration fee of $175/child.

Two Ways to Pay at DOL

  1. Private Pay (Check, Cash or PayPal)
  2. Charter School Instructional Funds*

*Discovery of Learning supports families that chose to enroll with local charters. We are an approved vendor with most charters in Southern CA. Please check with the campus directly for more information regarding your charter.

We work closely with several charters, please ask us about the benefits and resources available to families who enroll with Summit Academy, National University Academy, Springs Charter, or Inspire Charter Schools. We pride ourselves in helping you find a charter that offers you the most choice in meeting your education journey.

Please Note:

  • Each Core & Electives Classroom is limited to 15-20 families to ensure each child is provided with individualized attention and personalized learning.
  • Please see our Online Calendar for Session start/end dates, special events and Holidays/Closures.
  • Please contact us to schedule a visit or observe a class. No drop-ins please.
  • Discovery of Learning's Core & Electives Programs are designed to support and compliment the educational path being followed at home, not completely replace it. Our classes are enrichment classes; they are meant to provide balance for the family and support parents, who remain their children's primary teachers.

Call Discovery of Learning at (888) 625-2012 for questions or contact us to schedule a tour!


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