Destination Program (San Diego County)

Discovery of Learning’s Destination Program is an off-campus program COMING THIS SPRING, inspired by a child's natural love of exploring nature and learning through a variety of experiences offered by our surrounding community.  We believe in an eclectic approach to enriching our activities indoors and out, you will find our teachers hand crafting your child's experience at each DOL destination.

Our destination program offers a multi-age outdoor and/or destination classroom setting (children are typically grouped within a 3 to 4 year range) with a child-centered, developmental, nature-based, experiential approach.  Learning takes place at a child’s own pace, introducing subjects through an eclectic variety of activities, thereby teaching a multitude of strategies to approach learning.

At Discovery of Learning, our Destination Program Classes:

  • Address the whole child and adapts to multiple learning styles, as well as giving emotional health the same importance as academics
  • Children learn valuable problem solving and critical thinking skills when teachers and/or parents support the social and emotional development of each child.
  • Students are able to move freely in nature, interact with each other in natural settings, and make decisions together.
  • Classes are not divided according to child age or grade level, but grouped together in grade ranges, giving children an opportunity to learn and work to the best of their ability.
  • Curriculum, covering the four core subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, is hand-crafted with a focus on nature, conservation and community.
  • Children learn through a variety of activities that are teacher guided, child led, project based, involve cooperative games, incorporate arts and music, and use a variety of enriching materials
  • Teachers provide the children with immediate feedback, working collaboratively to make changes to their work and learn from it.

A Destination Program group is NOW FORMING in San Diego County. Check out our Destination Locations below:

A Typical Day with the Destination Program

The Destination Program will meet 2 days per week, with one day being the main meeting location at a local park, nature center or other outdoor environment. When peeking in on a DOL destination group you will find children engaged in a multitude of experiential activities and building community.  Our teachers strive to provide structure to the children through regular routines which are flexible and flow with the children's natural development and learning styles even when in an open environment.  On the second day of the week, children will visit a destination located within the same region that allows children a new environment to explore, an area of focus during the visit with concept introduction and extension activities facilitated by the DOL teacher and/or the destination's guides. Destination admission costs are included in the 8 week session tuition. Take a peek at a typical routine below:

  • 9:00-9:30 Free Play and Exploration
  • 9:30-10:00 Morning Meeting/Group Time
  • 10: 00-11:00  Nature Based or Experiential Science and Math
  • 11:00-12:00 Group Hike, Exploration and Journaling
  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch hour
  • 1:00-2:30 Nature Based or Experiential Social Studies and Language Arts


Our Main Destination Hub for the San Diego Area is TBA

We are planning additional destinations to:




Our Destination Program Subjects

In this unique setting, our teachers work collaboratively with students to provide guidance and individualized and/or group instruction in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. This can be done with work already begun and brought from home, hand-crafted teacher created curriculum for each child based on their abilities at that time in Language Arts and Math, or through experiential activities provided by or around the destination of the day. Our teachers work as a team to develop Science units that are engaging and hands-on, inspired by our natural environments with the guidance of "Supercharged Science" curriculum and DOL crafted Social Studies curriculum with a focus on conservancy and stewardship within our community, as well as building awareness of our role as a global citizen. These classes also use the arts to bring learning to life on a daily basis.