Elective Program (TK-8th Grade)

Elective Programs at DOL are designed to supplement our 2 or 3 Day Programs for students K-8th grade or enhance your family’s educational path as a 2 Class Elective Option. Children have the opportunity to build their community of peers and feel comfortable in a classroom setting. Parents have the option of dropping off or staying with their child.

Elective Classes:

Elective Classes are offered 2 Days per week. Students attend campus from 1pm-2:30pm and join our full day students in exploring a variety of Elective Subjects. Each day is dedicated to one elective which rotates every 8 weeks.  This allows students to learn about a topic in depth and decide if it is an area of interest to continue pursuing or knowledge that has helped develop their general skills.  Each program year hosts 4 - 8 week sessions. Additional weeks are added to the session to cover any campus closures through out the year.  Families may opt to enroll in one session or all four, space may be limited and priority is given to full day students.  Classes are developed at each campus and a schedule of courses will be released at least one month prior to the start of each session.





Session 1: Weeks of Sept. 14th- Nov. 6th
Session 2: Weeks of Nov. 9th- Jan. 29th (closed 4 weeks for Thanksgiving and Winter Break)
Session 3: Weeks of Feb. 1st- Mar. 26th
Session 4: Weeks of Mar. 29th- May 21st (7 weeks session, closed 1 week for Spring Break)