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DOL has a designed an enrichment program that considers the needs of the whole child, from entering the school years, to entering young adulthood. Our High School Program is specifically designed to support your child and the whole family in setting future goals that guide an individualized program at DOL. This journey of discovering is what drives our passion for learning, exploring ideas of what the future may hold and what roles we may play in it. We want to support the child in achieving goals set for whatever career or college path they choose to take.


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Mentor Meetings

Students build a trusted relationship with their Mentor Teacher to help them down the path of exploration and realization of their strengths, passions, life goals and desires. The Mentor teacher meets with each student weekly to set goals in their individualized Core Program and Interest Led Learning Projects. Through these meetings the teacher offers guidance, support, feedback, and most importantly a safe place to learn and make mistakes. All this while holding the child accountable for follow through and effort within the program.

Mentor Teachers will also meet with each student quarterly to discuss and review College and Career Goals, making revisions as appropriate in this long-term plan, such as helping the student become dual enrolled in a community college to complete A-G required courses on the way to the UC system, or offer opportunities to participate in community service and internships that will benefit the child's journey to a certain career.

Each family will be provided a DOL Portfolio to maintain completed work, evidence of learning through other methods, a graduation requirements checklist and current goal sheets. The student, family and teacher will work as a team to maintain this system.


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Core Program and Interest Led Projects

Students will work with guidance from their family and mentor teacher to set core curriculum goals. Completed work will be utilized as work samples for students enrolled with a charter. Students will be expected to work independently, or with the support of their parent(s) to continue this core work at home or other appropriate learning environment to meet the goals set by the student, family and teacher.

Students will participate in Interest Led Projects on a quarterly basis, more if desired. These projects will look different for each student based on their interest and desire to delve into a particular topic. A student may simply want to research a topic and complete an informative report or speech. Whereas another student may want to begin a passion project that requires research, a demonstration(s) or even work out in the community to enhance the learning. No matter which route a student takes in these Interest Led Projects, the teacher is there to help the student stay focused on their big idea, while helping them break it down into manageable steps and remain educationally focused. Throughout the process, the team will track core standards and graduation requirements met through the project. At the completion of each learning project, students will have the opportunity to share their project with peers in their own unique way.

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College and Career Goals

Discovery of Learning prides itself at meeting the needs of the individual child along their homeschool and educational journey. Your child's mentor teacher will meet with them quarterly to assess, discuss, review and revise their chosen college and or career goals. Goal sheets will include the desired result, requirements to reach the goal, and incremental steps to work toward the goal. The process of choosing a long term goal or plan can be daunting to a young teen. The teacher may begin the process of goal setting through journaling activities, vision board creating, or introducing role models to the student from various backgrounds and educational journeys. The DOL team will also coordinate opportunities for the students to participate in community services and internships that will help them explore career options or gain experience toward their long term career goals.


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DOL Portfolio

Upon enrollment, each student will begin compiling a portfolio which will serve many purposes through the child's journey at DOL. The portfolio gives each child's team (student, family and teacher) a place to work together to document the child's journey toward completing their program goals. This includes utilizing the Core Program standards and graduation requirements checklist with evidence of learning; documentation of Interest Led Projects with Mentor Meeting goal sheets; Graduation Plan worksheet and participation logs of community service and internships when applicable.

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Daily Schedule


9:00-10:00 Mentor Meeting: Discuss current core program goals, ongoing interest led projects and career and college goals. Ensuring the child's developmental and educational needs are being met through our team approach with the student, family and teacher.Open Study Lab (Optional): Students may use this time to continue working independently or in groups toward their core program and/or interest learning goals.


Lunch Break

Core Program Work Period: Facilitated by DOL teachers, students will be provided resources to work independently, with small groups or guided by a teacher toward completion of their individualized core program goals. Ongoing and completed work will be maintained in the DOL Portfolio to allow for smooth transitions between DOL and home.

Interest Led Projects: Students will work in alignment with their projects goals, which have been designed with their Mentor Teacher, toward completion of their current project. This work time allows for brainstorming, researching, gathering of materials, etc. Students are required to complete at least one project per quarter.

Peer Presentations: Students will have the opportunity to share their completed Interest Led Projects with their peers and teachers. These presentations will also serve as a lesson to peers, which may work toward meeting Core Program Standards, may inspire them to learn more about a topic, may include a call to action or opportunity for more hands-on learning.

Speakers/Workshops: These sessions will also include opportunities for students to meet special guests from various community programs, services, career settings, and higher education organizations. Group workshops may also include academic presentations/labs such as a biology lab, robotics presentation, etc.


Open Study Lab (Optional): Students may use this time to continue working independently or in groups toward their core program and/or interest learning goals.

Program Locations & Tuition

DOL Locations Offering High School Program:
Beaumont | Indio | Palm Desert | Tustin

$495 per month + $200 non-refundable registration fee

Tuition listed is per child. Program is 3 days a week.

Springs Charter Preferred Vendor
This status allocates an additional $500 toward program costs.

leaf bulletsDOL & Inspire Charter Schools Specialty Program** Benefits:

We want to support parents' decisions to enroll in a charter that meets their family needs. The goal is to offer homeschool families' choices in programming, curriculum and enrichment and we have found Inspire to meet those goals.

  • Full monthly tuition covered for our 3 Day Program Sept-May
  • Access to Edgenuity Online Curriculum (visit edgenuity.com for more information)
  • DOL/Inspire Homeschool Teacher accounting for charter required work samples, learning logs, attendance records, grade reporting, and family feedback sessions.

Please Note:

  • Each Core & Electives Classroom is limited to 15-20 families to ensure each child is provided with individualized attention and learning.
  • Please see our Online Calendar for Semester start/end dates, special events and Holidays/Closures.
  • Please contact us to schedule a visit or observe a class. No drop-ins please.
  • Discovery of Learning’s Core & Electives Program is designed to supplement the homeschool family and compliment what parents are doing at home, not completely replace it. Our classes are enrichment classes; they are meant to provide balance for the homeschooling family and support parents, who remain their children’s primary teachers.

Call Discovery of Learning at (888) 625-2012 for questions or contact us to schedule a tour!


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