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Our Learning Community & Environment

Community - Discovery of Learning was born out of a love of children and passion for educating the whole child. With a degree in Early Childhood Education and a drive to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families, Amy McCamly created Discovery of Learning to provide a program with elements she found lacking in traditional schools while building a community among homeschooling families.  Discovery of Learning is unlike any other traditional or homeschool program, by adding in the key principle of Community into Our Learning Environment.

Environment - At Discovery of Learning Enrichment Centers, children can be found playing a board game while identifying math concepts. A student may discover a love for writing by publishing their own book or creating a script for a play. Unlike traditional classrooms, however, the children determine what they want to write about and all their lessons come from them in addition to intentional lessons and activities brought to life by our teachers.

In our learning environment, each child feels emotionally safe to explore, discover, and learn at their own pace and their own way, with the support of a teacher who is trained in Non-Violent Communication (NVC).  As our students are ready for more structured learning and deeper knowledge, our caring teachers know when to provide support and when to give that gentle nudge. 

At DOL, children attend classes 1-3 half or full days per week (based on location and program), giving them the opportunity to make friends and build relationships. Those relationships are even fostered during our lunch and outdoor exploration time while they are eating and playing together.  We recognize that life is about working and collaborating with others. Within our community, children and families learn to share ideas, support one another, talk through their disagreements and problem-solve together, facilitated by teachers in a safe environment. We believe discipline should teach a child to problem solve with loving teachers to guide the way. Stickers or food will not be used, but instead "real-life” problem solving skills are modeled for the children through the NVC approach. The focus is to help children communicate with one another & express their feelings.

Most importantly, learning is focused on experience and discovery; to instill a love of learning in each child! If you choose DOL's campus based programs, online programs or destination programs, the heart and desire to help each child and family build community and be part of our enriched, caring environment.

The DOL and Family Connection

Discovery of Learning’s Programs are designed to supplement the homeschool family and compliment what parents are doing at home, not completely replace it. Our classes are enrichment classes; they are meant to provide balance for the homeschooling family and support parents, who remain their children’s primary teachers.

DOL has built a variety of program models to strengthen your family's journey, a community of resources from campus support meetings, to social media homeschool support groups, and educational/family fun fieldtrips and outings on meetup.  Be sure to join the social media groups in your area, click here.